Finding your perfect plan.

Subscription Plans

*The orange item indicates that some of the functions may purchase for specific requirements.

Plans Funtion

Standard function Optional function
Function Module Essential
Intelligent Scheduling Standard Functions Forward Scheduling for Utilizing the Maximal Capacity
First-in, first-out (FIFO) Dispatching Logic
Order Priority and Dispatching Logic
Automatic Order Priority Dispatching Logic
Limited/unlimited Resource Settings
Process transfer batch (fixed volume and quantity) setting
Processing Waiting Time Setting
Designated Station Completion Time Setting (Queue Time)
Priority Setting of Dispatching Logic for Individual Resource
Intelligent Scheduling Advanced Functions Material Requirements Planning
Strictly Meet the Delivery Date and Backward Scheduling
Automatically Releasing Assembly Parts
Cloud Dispatching
Cloud MO Reporting
Automatic Line-change Scheduling
Batch Production Scheduling
Mold/Resource Assignment Scheduling
Processing Operator Designated Scheduling
Designated schedule of mold change Operator
Man-machine collocation schedulig
Intelligent Resource Management Functions Tool Management
Mold & Fixture Management
Parts Management
Resource Maintenance Allocation
Resource Procurement Scheduling
Resource Requisition Scheduling
Resource Maintenance Scheduling
Artificial Intelligence Scheduling Functions Trial Calculation of Remaining Production Capacity
Capacity Balance Optimization
Production Period Optimization
Resource Failure Period Prediction
Maintenance Impact Analysis
Maintenance Optimization