Cloud Intelligent Machine Monitoring and Control System


Import production KPI from IMPACTs

Real-time confirmation of production KPI performance

Information of abnormal production status push


  • Plug-and-play cloud intelligent machine and production line monitoring and control system (CIM-MCS) ˙ CIM-MCS is highly integrated with various machines (such as filling, packaging, labeling) and has plug-and-play characteristics. ˙ After the gateway (or Mini-PC) is plugged in and integrated with the machine’s HMI, the connected cloud-SCADA will have real-time production monitoring and control functions. ˙ This function can extend to cloud monitoring of production lines, factories, and supply chains, allowing the manufacturers to grasp production performance in real-time and maximize management benefits.
  • Users can edit the cloud-SCADA interface (process paraments, KPI analysis)
    • In the past, machine operators used a pre-designed HMI control interface to control the machine. Manufacturers can install various sensors on the device (such as current, voltage, vibration, etc.) and PLC control parameters and self-editing the process parameters through cloud-SCADA to monitor production performance and KPI analysis makes the necessary adjustments and corrections.
  • Cloud-based SCADA system, monitoring machines anytime and anywhere.
    • The machine connected with cloud-SCADA provides the functions of real-time visualization and cross-platform (computer, tablet, mobile phones) for all kinds of users.
    • Production line supervisors can monitor and control machines in real-time. The high-level managers can visually evaluate the shop floor KPIs, sales can immediately grasp the progress of customer orders. Enterprises can easily set up its war-room.
  • Equipment venders can perform remote equipment monitoring and maintenance to achieve the goal of service-oriented manufacturing
    • In the past, after the equipment vender delivered the equipment to the manufacturers, the operation of the equipment was controlled and maintained by the manufacturers.
    • Now the cloud-SCADA of CIM-MCS allows equipment vendors to grasp the real-time production information of the equipment (such as machine maintenance, replacement of parts, or consumables) and becomes the best partner for customers.
  • The AI module analyzes SCADA real-time production data, conducts production quality control, and recommends the most suitable timing for maintenance.
    • Real-time production data provided by cloud-SCADA enables real-time production quality control.
    • Use the artificial intelligence (AI) module to analyze and predict equipment parts and consumables' consumption and then recommend appropriate equipment maintenance and consumable replacement.
    • CIM-MCS can also use IMPACTs intelligent APS system to generate the most suitable production and maintenance schedule.
  • Combining key performance indicators, production cost, and digital dashboard to improve production effectiveness.
    • Enterprises can edit the cloud-SCADA interface integrated with the machine’s HMI based on individual needs to visually monitor the performance of the device, production line, and factory (such as work order progress, machine production status, utilization rate, order fulfillment rate, production cost).
    • Further analyzing and comparing different planning alternatives, implement PDCA so that managers can make the most effective decision.