Intelligent Resource Management Functions


Tool Management

This module records relevant data such as cutting tools, tool holders, and collets, the relationships of the products to be processed with them, and records data such as cutting tool consumption and requisition.

  • The detailed record of tool usage history is good for traceability
  • The tool dashboard can display tool inventory and historical consumption analysis

Mold & Fixture Management

This module stores relevant data such as molds and fixtures and the relationships of products that need to be processed with them and records the history of the use and receipt of molds and fixtures.

  • A detailed record of mold and fixture related usage can facilitate the traceability of mold and fixtures
  • The dashboard can display historical consumption and maintenance analysis

Parts Management

This module stores relevant information about production resources and spare parts other than molds, jigs, and tools, and the relationships of products that need to be processed, and records the history of their use and acquisition.

  • A detailed record of resource parts related usage can facilitate the traceability of parts
  • Resource parts dashboard can display inventory and historical consumption analysis

Resource Maintenance Allocation

Resource equipment repair and maintenance order assignment, repair work can be assigned to different operators according to different needs.

  • Quickly assign maintenance tasks and their operators, and record maintenance information
  • The maintenance dashboard can display maintenance events and historical analysis

Resource Procurement Scheduling

Use the remaining inventory of tools or other resource parts to predict when it will be exhausted, and schedule to issue a suggested purchase notice before exhaustion.

  • Avoid that when the life of the tool or other resource parts is exhausted, no subsequent materials can be used continuously and reduce the disconnection due to a lack of processing resources
  • Reduce disconnection due to lack of processing resources

Resource Requisition Scheduling

This module will generate a resource acquisition schedule based on the tool, mold, and other resource accessories data, after judging the relationships of the product, if it needs to be used for processing.

  • Shop floor preparation of production resources to meet a MO’s operations schedule
  • Effectively reduce the number of materials in the on-site side warehouse

Resource Maintenance Scheduling

Automatically generate maintenance orders according to the resources' remaining service life and concurrently consider the maintenance orders and work orders to generate production and maintenance schedules.

  • Reduce the probability of maintenance time occupying available production time
  • Automatically generate maintenance orders to avoid maintenance omissions